While your in Arusha town you before or after safari / climbing you can relux your body by doing the following cultural activities start from 1 day tour , 2days tour and more!!!!!!!!! at the lowest price .
The money you contribute to this will help in the development of the particular village .

TOUR 1 :Ilkiding’a village
Welcome to our village at the foot of Mount Meru where the sounds of rivers, birds and people are in harmony. A cultural tour of Ilkiding'a will give you the opportunity to experience traditional Wa-arusha culture. Spend a day walking around the hills of Ilkiding'a and get some insight into traditional African culture. Tours include:
-A view into the culture of the Wa-arusha
-A warm welcome in local household and have a look in the way an extended family is living
-A visit to craftsmen and a traditional healer
-A walk through the farms where people produce cash crops to supply Arusha town
-A rest at viewpoints overlooking Arusha town
-Hikes along narrow footpaths, crossing a canyon and climbing small hills
-Traditional food prepared by our women 

TOUR 2: Longido village 
Experience one of Africa's most fascinating cultures, the Maasai with a visit to Longido. A cultural tour of Longido will give you the opportunity to experience traditional Maasai culture and interact with Maasai warriors. Spend a day walking around the extensive plains of Longido Mountain and get some insight into traditional African culture. Tours include:
-Walking safaris with Maasai warriors over the slopes of Longido Mountain
-Bird-watching walks over the plains
-A climb up the impressive Longido Mountain, through dense natural forest
-A view into the culture and daily life of the Maasai
-Sipping tea with Maasai people in a real Maasai Boma
End of the tour

TOUR 3 :Ng’ires village 
Welcome to the fascinating slopes of Mount Meru, where you can experience real African village life. We the villagers of Ng'iresi offer you:
-A guided tour of some farms on the green slopes of Mt. Meru
-A visit to a number of development projects in our village (soil conservation, irrigation, cross breeding, bio gas, fish nursery)
-a climb to Kivesi Hill, an old volcano with a natural forest on top
-a view into the Wa-arusha culture (old stories, traditional houses)
-delicious lunch and dinner prepared by the Juhudi women's group
-Visit to a traditional healer where you can see ancient remedies that have been used for thousands of years
End othe tour