About Tanzania

Tanzania is among peaceful and beautiful East African country  laying few degrees below the Equator and bordering  the Indian Ocean. It covering an area of about  930, 000 squares kilometres, Tanzania is unique as it is a land of the world famous SERENGETI NATIONAL  PARK, SELOUS GAME RESERVES and the astonishing  annual migrations of the wildebeests; of the exclusive  animal paradise of Ngorongoro crater and legendary  Mount Kilimanjaro; of exotic spice drenched Zanzibar  and Mafia Island; of the proud colorful Maasai; of  white sand and turquoise sea; of palace ruins and  pirates tales.

Nowhere else in Africa will you see such  wildlife, experience such a fascinating mix of culture,  meet such friendly people or discover such hauntingly  beautiful scenery. In Tanzania, there are four tourist circuits namely; the  Northern, southern, western and the costal circuits. They  were established largely due to the size of the country, travel  distances – costs and time.

To cover two or more circuits on one  Safari is not only possible but also frequently done. The circuits are guide to  ease of moving from one destination to another. To move from one circuit to  another, it is recommended to take a flight; there are plenty of air operators  offering a network of schedule flight between circuits or the opportunity to charter a plane.

Therefore, come with us and  explore this wonderful country.